Welcome to Word Enchilada S01E05

We write prototypes, fight our inner demons, get cargo ships unstuck at the Suez Canal, arrive late to posting our own quests, insert emoji into e2, eat enchiladas and get in fights


A microquest for Everything2 in the spirit of Game Jams


The updated rules are in Word Enchilada Rules, but here’s the TL;DR

  1. Just before the Quest starts, a theme will be revealed. Please don’t spoil it for yourself, only read it after the official start of the Enchilada1;
  2. You have 48 hours to write a prototype2 that follows3 the theme;
  3. You post the prototype in this node;
  4. ???
  5. Profit! You will receive fabulous prizes4

After the Quest is over, you’re encouraged to give the noder below you some feedback on their prototype. Bear in mind: the goal of Word Enchiladas is to write for fun and outside of one’s comfort zone, so be constructive and be kind.


The theme for this Enchilada is:


E2 Rot13 Encoder

The suggested nodetype is:


Start and end times

The Word Enchilada starts at April 24, 2021 12:00 PM and ends at April 26, 2021 12:00 PM in whatever time zone you observe.

Notes for today: I'm about 24 hours late to post the Quest so that people can see it "in time", so feel free to take an extra 24 hours to submit your writeups. Thanks for your patience and messages.

  1. The idea being that you shouldn’t prepare anything beforehand, and that you should only have 48 hours to work on your writeup. But I’m just a footnote, not a policeman. ↩

  2. The word “Prototype” is important here: you’re expected to write a quick draft, not a perfect, well edited writeup. ↩

  3. The phrase “Following the theme” is purposefully ambiguous. Be creative :) ↩

  4. Actually, some GP, depending on how much the E2 gods can spare… Updated details on the Word Enchilada Rules ↩