Word Enchiladas

It's like Game Jams, but instead of making Games, we're writing words!


To encourage noders to write outside their comfort zone, without worrying about perfection, or even completing a writeup.


  1. The spirit of the rules and the event is more important than the letter of the rules.
  2. Enchiladas are first and foremost for fun. Enchiladas are not and should not be a burden. If it stops being fun for you, stop writing.
  3. Enchiladas are about writing prototypes/first drafts. Enchiladas are not about crafting a perfect node, but about creating the first step towards a complete writing.
  4. Enchiladas are about about learning to present a prototype, which could be interpreted to be even less than a complete first draft.
  5. The Enchilada Master doesn’t have time to check every single thing, so he will trust noders to observe the rules and act within an honor system. This is especially true in regards to the time rules below: the Enchilada Master trusts you will not spoil the theme for you or anyone else before the Enchilada begins.


  1. Noders can take part in the Enchiladas either as individuals or as part of groups up to 3 people. An individual or group will be known as a "Participant".
  2. The official start time for the Enchilada is Friday at noon in whatever timezone you are.1
  3. The official end time for the Enchilada is Sunday at noon in whatever timezone you are.
  4. Before the Enchilada officially starts, the Enchilada Master will announce a theme. In order to avoid accidental spoilers, the theme will be encoded with ROT13. Participants are encouraged to reveal the theme just as the event starts and not a minute before!
  5. Participants will have 48 hours to write a writeup whose theme, character(s), setting, structure or other elements align in some way with the theme. The theme is purposefully ambiguous.
  6. Participants must publish their prototype before the end of the Enchilada for it to count.
  7. OPTIONAL: Participants will rate the writeup below theirs on a scale from 0 to 5 inclusive and send this rate to the Enchilada Master ASAP. The participant with the latest writeup will rate the first writeup below this one.


  • For successfully submitting a prototype to the Enchilada: 5 GP per noder
  • For successfully rating the writeup below yours: 5 GP per noder
  • The Enchilada Master will award up to 5 Good Enchilada Prizes of 10 GP per noder
  • Participants will earn a Streak bonus starting at 3 consecutive Enchiladas
  • Looking to sponsor content? Contact the Enchilada Master


  • Participants are encouraged to participate in groups, and maybe even create hydra accounts for the event! If you try this, please let us know who is part of your team so that rewards can be sent to the individual accounts.
  • Participants are encouraged to experiment; to try new styles, ideas or themes that otherwise are not part of your "regular" writings.
  • Participants are encouraged to publish their prototypes in the same node as this quest. If the idea is good, noders can then finish the writeup and publish it later so that they get full XP for participating in the Enchiladas and for publishing a complete writeup.
  • Participants are encouraged to read each others’ writeups and leave useful feedback on them. Given that there’s no formal body of judges2
  • Participants are encouraged to leave feedback to the Enchilada Master about the event, the rules, the themes or anything else that may help improve future Enchiladas.


  • Season 1
    • Ep 3: DON'T JINX IT
    • Ep 6:


2021-05-21: Dropped the feedback rule, is now optional. Added the streak rule: taking part in consecutive events will net you a reward

  1. The Enchilada doesn't align with server time because the spirit of Jams is to be a fun "weekend" project. More options/time windows will come later

  2. At least not right now

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