Welcome to Word Enchilada S01E03

We write prototypes, eat enchiladas and get in fights


A microquest for Everything2 in the spirit of Game Jams


The updated rules are in Word Enchilada Rules, but here’s the TL;DR

  1. Just before the Quest starts, a theme will be revealed. Please don’t spoil it for yourself, only read it after the official start of the Enchilada1;
  2. You have 48 hours to write a prototype2 that follows3 the theme;
  3. You post the prototype in this node;
  4. ???
  5. Profit! You will receive fabulous prizes4

After the Quest is over, you’re encouraged to give the noder below you some feedback on their prototype. Bear in mind: the goal of Word Enchiladas is to write for fun and outside of one’s comfort zone, so be constructive and be kind.


The theme for this Enchilada is:

QBA’G WVAK VG > E2 Rot13 Encoder

The suggested nodetype is:


Start and end times

The Word Enchilada starts at March 26, 2021 12:00 PM and ends at March 28, 2021 12:00 PM in whatever time zone you observe.

Notes for today: The Enchilada Master has been *very* busy these days, but prizes for S01 E02 will come soon! We appreciate your patience. Also, I'll read your messages soon, but thanks a lot for your words of appreciation, they do help a lot in these dark days :)


Noder Gave feedback Received feedback (anonimized) Good enchilada Enchilada Master’s notes Total
Intentions ✅✅✅ {3/5}; {3/5} Giving feedback is a sadly overlooked part of these events, thank you for doing it! +15 25
lizardinlaw {3.5/5} “A tad shoehorned into the theme”; {3/5} I’m not smart enough to know the full implications—or indeed, meaning—of medical terms… Sorry :( +5 10
realplayer {4.5/5} “Love it, amazing, but it also feels fairly complete as is”; {4/5} That’s a name I hadn’t heard in quite a while… and please don’t make me write on statistics and BS +5 15
npecom {5/5} “Good as is but also want more of it”; {3/5} 🌮 You owe the Enchilada Master a 500,000-word essay on the attributes of God, whether turning a man into a frog is Good and whether the acts of God are what define Goodness. I want it in my cubicle by Friday before lunch. That will be all. +10 25
JD {4/5}; {4/5} You’ve been given a wonderful, yet terrible secret. When the time comes, you’ll know who to pass it on. +5 15
nicolasstag {4/5}; {3.5/5} 🌮 Wait, is this for real? 15
Jet-Poop {4/5} Now I’m curious to read the story of the toy that was granted True Life and enjoyed it only for an instant before an eternity in Hell +10 15
Zephronias {4/5} 🌮 15
wertperch {4/5} 🌮 Cosmogenic literature is a guilty pleasure of mine :) 20

Closing comments

2021-04-20, 1021 GMT-0500: Sorry for the delay, everyone

  1. The idea being that you shouldn’t prepare anything beforehand, and that you should only have 48 hours to work on your writeup. But I’m just a footnote, not a policeman.

  2. The word “Prototype” is important here: you’re expected to write a quick draft, not a perfect, well edited writeup.

  3. The phrase “Following the theme” is purposefully ambiguous. Be creative :)

  4. Actually, some GP, depending on how much the E2 gods can spare… Updated details on the Word Enchilada Rules