Had to stop halfway home from the gym this morning in order to stretch my spasming back and thigh. Terribly painful. At the risk of sounding like a braggart, I am in fairly decent shape but I may have pushed a little too hard today without having warned up properly. Got to hear some gossip about another married couple at the gym that are getting a divorce. No reason given but I can draw my own conclusions based entirely upon my own history of infidelity. Makes me wonder if all the other folks that train there are morally flexible or monogamish. When all the clothing starts fitting more loosely, definition and firmness replace chunk and curve, when the front office lady or the rich real estate client’s gazes start being held a few moments longer than usual, and when compliments from members of the opposite sex start to pile up; I imagine that 30-somethings all across the country run astray of their vows 6-12 months after joining CrossFit. Two married women asked me to flex my biceps in the middle of class recently and then felt me up in front of everyone when I did (it was my fault for dressing like a slut). People are just inclined to do what makes them feel good if they can get away with it, I suppose.

Inventory at the dealership is at a critically low level. Internet traffic has dropped to single digit leads per day. We probably have less than 120 cars parked on an 18 acre lot that normal hold 450-500. Everything is parked spaced out and at such an extreme angle that at first glance we don’t look like we’re going out of business. The other stores up and down the boulevard are doing the same thing. I’m not entirely certain that the whole country isn’t going out of business soon.

Current events as seen by me:
Gas is officially a dollar more than it was a year ago, but that’s good for hybrid sales (if we had some). The race riots are happening again, but that’s good for property values (if you’re buying). Taking a vaccine that still requires you to act like you’re unvaccinated and then bragging about it on social media is all the rage, but that’s good for the pharmaceutical corporations. Above all else, a series of racist, misogynistic, and uninformed gun control measures are being threatened by bureaucrats with Secret Service protection in Washington DC from behind 25,000 National Guardsmen (who have undergone a political background check to make sure they’re correctly aligned before being assigned to the capitol), barricades, concertina wire, and security fences. I can’t think of any good things that come from that last one. It’s all so history-repeating-itself-esque.

This writing exercise is the equivalent of driving to the gym but sitting in the parking lot and watching through the windows. I will really write something soon.

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