One of the rarest catagories I found (mainly by virtue of belonging in it) is the RPG Girl. This is someone who GMs Whitewolf with the best of them; this is someone who made it past the door into the Tomb of Horrors (though to be honest, not very much farther) in AD&D. There is a decided dearth of RPG Girls around, which is probably the reason why most female characters in RPGs are either 2-dimensional idiots with usually nothing better on their mind than trying to sleep with anything that breathes (now tell me that's not transparent, folks), insipid little princesses who, due to severe inbreeding, have less brains than a turnip, or innocent little girls who are so pathetically weak it's not even funny; the only thing they're ever allowed to do is cast cure spells.
This crosses over into video games as well, but what do you expect? As I think Saige mentioned above, they are catering to a specific crowd. Still, what can you do? Don't get me wrong- I'm not a feminist (or a Feminazi). I'm just telling things the way I see it.
Thank you, this now concludes my daily rant. G'night, folks.