• Seen on the marquee of a small movie theatre: "Coming Soon: Terminator 2". This is rather humorous considering that this is the "Harkin's Art Theatre".
  • There's nothing like coming home to notice that the pool's water has become a dark shade of green. First time I've even looked in the backyard in two weeks, and I think the pool went without chlorine for at least three. Simultaneously, I caught some teenager next door sitting on my side of the dividing wall, possibly with the intent to trespass. Scared the shit out of him, too. It was pretty funny seeing him notice me, jump in surprise, and nearly fall off the wall.
  • I took home an old computer that someone left behind in one of my parents' storage units a month or two ago. Judging by the case, the keyboard port (XT, I believe - I actually have a keyboard or two that fit it), and the fact that the only PS/2 port is available through some weird expansion that connects directly to some pins on the motherboard, I'd guess it's no better than a 386, probably not even that new. Still, if I can get it working, I may be able to use it for a DOS box or something. At the very least, the content of the hard drives may provide some amusement, assuming they haven't been damaged or reformatted.
  • As I'm sure everyone is aware by now, tomorrow is the release date for the newest Harry Potter book. The Postal Service has an exclusive contract with Amazon.com, and they send all of their packages Delivery Confirmation, so tomorrow will be a day of hectic frustration for mail carriers and clerks throughout the United States. Except for me, that is. See, I'm working at the Mill office tomorrow. We only have about 3000 P.O. Boxes: about half of those are closed; of those being used, a significant minority are various businesses (Among them Sears National Bank and Rockford-Fosgate) and organizations (e.g. ASU Foundation and the entire City Government of Tempe); of the rest, many are rented either by college students or by senior citizens. So chances are, I'm not going to have to deal with too many of those. Excelsior, or something.
  • I know I've said it before, but I love this mentality that something being 'natural' automatically makes it good or safe. And by 'love', I mean it makes me want to retch. Some girl came in around closing today, wanting to send some hairspray air-mail (don't ask me why). Several times, she made a point to say that it was "all-natural". Then when the clerk pointed out that it says on the bottle that it's flammable, she says, "Are you sure it says it's flammable? I mean, it's all-natural." (Gee, I wonder if wood is all-natural?)

    But hey, I'll bet this is how Socrates really died. That whole trial and execution thing? Never happened. It was just Polonius and Euthyphro badgering him. "C'mon, Soc, this hemlock won't hurt you. Dude, It's all-natural. Don't be such a square." Et cetera.