I had a dream last night where I somehow got to participate in the Summer Olympics. (I'm short, rather overweight, and extremely unathletic, so this is extraordinarily unlikely.) Most of it is fuzzy, but I remember that I won three gold medals. One was in archery, I believe. (I was interested in archery as a kid, but didn't have the patience for all the practice it required. I've been thinking lately about taking it up again.) The last was in the 100-meter dash. And I remember my parents jeering at me because it was such a short race. "Big deal, why couldn't you win the 1000-meter one?"

I'm not really sure if I believe dreams have any meaning. I find it rather unlikely that my subconscious is capable of drawing complex metaphors and symbolism that my conscious mind isn't aware of. It seems much more likely to me that they're a random confluence of memories and ideas that the subconscious is trying vainly to make some kind of sense out of. Hell, chipmunks have dreams too; there's no reason I can see why their functionality (if any) would be any different for them than for us, and it would ludicrous to think that a chipmunk's dreams have any kind of complex meaning.

All that said, if dreams really do have any kind of meaning, I don't think there's any need for any further analysis of this one. What it says is all too obvious.