I had a dream that I was with my boyfriend and my mother and we were traveling to different states. We went to California to see a play a theatre that we heard about. The show that we saw was "The Nutcracker," and it was very beautiful. After the show we walked back stage to meet the actors and we saw this man. He was tall and very handsome, with carmel colored skin and beautiful honey brown eyes. He introduced himself as my boyfriend's father. We talked with him for a while and were guaranteed a free show anytime we wanted. He told us that he had to go out of town and that we had to watch over the theatre and take care of it. So, for a whole day we did. We fixed things like chairs and replaced light bulbs. Then it was time to go to bed and my mother slept by herself and my boyfriend and I slept in a room with two beds. I heard a noise out side of my bedroom and I thought that my mother was yelling at me to come out of the room with my boyfriend, but she was telling one of the workers that it was time for him to go home.

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