I remember only one segment of this dream. I was on some kind of journey in the Central Europe. It rained all the time. At some point, we arrived to Finland, specifically, Rovaniemi. There was this apartment building where my grandma used to live a long time ago (I have not actually seen the building for a looong time, but I knew it was the one).

i was apparently gliding up a forested hill behind the house. I thought I had roller skis, but that didn't make much sense because I was going uphill so effortlessly.

I was going along the path. Someone was pushing me, but that was unnecessary. I hurried forward, feeling extremely happy, so happy it brought me in tears. I ran, ran fast in my joy. This was the path through the forest and the swamps where I had last been when I was very small. It was the joy of rediscovering something I had not seen for a long time.

I remember something hazy about the following dream fragments - or they could have been in earlier dreams. One involved going to a fuel station restroom without my clothes, waiting for someone to bring them to me. There was a telephone there, too. Another one involved a rather boring but a tidy hotel where my family was staying.

One bit I remember clearly though: I was following railroad tracks, and maybe even took a short train trip somewhere. I then went down the road, and looked to the roadside. There was a forest there, but the trees were all growing in neat rows, all trees were of same size and were shaped a bit oddly. "Not a forest", I though, "a tree-growing field." I paced forth, and even odder forest formations started to surface: Trees became simpler in form, as if glued to simple boxes and such.

Interpretations/deciphering: Being naked on the fuel station has to come from Terminator 2. Also, the walk through the forest and the later walks along tracks and the odd forests seemes like it had got its viewpoint from Morrowind (and in the later phase the forest started to look like the thick forests from Neverwinter Nights).

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