I was dreaming last night. I can't say for certain what the dream was about but I know it was good. I had that feeling, you know, when you're dreaming and it's really good. Like when you dream of flying or doing some other incredible act that can only be born of the human imagination. The dream itself was rather unremarkable. The really interesting part was when I woke up. I remember thinking just before I was yanked back to Earth that this is really great but I'm not going to tell anyone what I'm going to do next. I guess this was the wrong thought to have as I was mercilessly ripped from my dream world by my entirely dislikeable alarm clock. My first thought upon waking was: "Well, I guess if I don't tell anyone what I'm going to do next I can't stay in the dream world."

The following dream was, uh, odd. I went through it with 'movie-style' direction, where it would simply 'cut' from scene to scene. Also, it shifted from full detail to really hazy, especially in places I knew I couldn't go to. In hindsight, I believe that this dream was caused by the crappy animation at the end of Dare to Dream.

It started with me, walking down an alleyway. Some news just came into my head: This mom 'n pop video game store sued some kid for putting up police tape with their logo on it. I stopped caring about this 3 seconds in, for no reason. I ended up behind the store, and I couldn't read the sign. Inside the store, I couldn't read any of the labels on the games, because it was, well, dark. Even after the lights were turned on, all the games had that mosaic effect used to protect identities on TV. At this point everyone in the store + me + a friend of mine who appeared out of nowhere (we'll call him D) decided to go on a vacation. To Canada.

We had to go though 'Customs', which seemed to involve walking through a hallway. I decided to slide. Eventually I got to the double doors at the end, and while I didn't crash into them, I remember feeling really agitated at their being closed. We went outside and I saw another hallway that we could have gone through, with some annoying solicitor guy jumping around like a crazed crack addict. The doors were open on that one, however, and I lamented not choosing that hall.

So now the other 3 guys from the store were busy parking the van (which did not exist 3 minutes prior) and D was with me, checking out some big grassy lawn place. D kept getting lost, and I would have ot stand in one place rotating until he found me again. Eventually, we headed over to the parking lot (which was an architectually amazing structure, with 3 floors). The van almost hit us, apparently the guy driving couldn't park for shit. So we moved. Then he tried to park again, but HOLY SHIT HE DROVE THROUGH THE FENCE AND OFF A THREE-STORY DROP JESUS CHRIST!

Then D, being the genius he is, leaned over the ropes (the fence was gone now) to see the wreckage. The ropes flipped him over and flung him down the same 3-story drop the van just took. Fuck.

So, me being scared shitless, I slowly crawl over to the elevator. I can't see anything inside it, just a dim outline of what's outside. After a brief stop on the second floor (shit shit shit shit still too high), I am on the ground. I walk over to the wreckage. Somehow it's only there if I look very hard; I can easily just ignore it. What concerned me was finding D, and I did! He was frozen (no ice, simply not moving) on top of a big yellow umbrella, with half his forehead clipping (in the Doom sense; "the monster's sprite was clipping through the wall") through.

I ran to the manager, who decided that people falling off the the top floor and dying was nothing to worry about. I suddenly heard D calling, so I ran over, passing many floating ceramic kittens with red tinsel strung through them. D was perfectly safe. Then, out of nowhere, all these people I knew from real life started falling down and bouncing off of the yellow umbrellas strewn about. Someone got hit by a koopa shell and I had just enough tim to think what the fuck? before I woke up.

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