Death to the Extremist.
His foolish bantering provokes only Misery;
His Words of fire create only Destruction.
Through Him, our most Godly and Wondrous Ways are brought to Nothing;
He is the Fool, and blocks our most holy Light.
He is the Problem, and to Him there is but one Solution:
Kill the Extremist with all great Fires of the world:
Burn His House, and Family, and Family's Family,
And so on, and so forth, until only We remain.
And with Him bring the dithering Moderates,
And the self-conscious Moralists,
And the helpless Peacemongers,
And the worthless Diplomats,
And the innocent Women and Children of such Demons.
We will be a great Thunderbolt which will shock the Earth:
In our wake, only the True will Remain.
Death to the Extremist, but only Death
To the Extremist who is not on our Side.