Action Action is a band from Long Island, NY who combine eighties proto-goth synth sounds with New Wave guitar styles. The band formed in 2004, it's members consisting of old members from ex-bands The Reunion Show, Count The Stars and Diffuser. They released their impressive first album, Don't Cut Your Fabric to this Year's Fashion on September 14, 2004 to instant good publicity from Long Island Press.

Their sophomore effort, An Army of Shapes between Wars on January 24, 2006. This album makes more use of synthesizers and strings to make a slightly softer, vintage sound,reminiscent of The Bolshoi and Bauhaus. After An Army the band's contract with Victory Records completed. However, the band is studio recording a third album, although nothing has been said about renewing contract.

Mark Thomas Kluepfel – guitar/singer/songwriter
Adam Manning – guitar/synthesizer
Clarke Foley – bass
Dan Leo – drums

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