A rather unfortunately named New York ska band, made up of members from the now-defunct Edna's Goldfish and Step Lively.

Why so unfortunate? Here's the deal: The time, Oct, 2000. The place: The Wetlands club, New York. This is the last show Edna's Goldfish will ever play. Many ska-loving eyes were be-misted that night, I will tell you, my friends. Two of the greatest ska bands of our generation (to some, not myself, personally) were being dissolved.

As is the custom, flyers were distributed liberally to the crowd. And what is this? "The Reunion Show?" Place that phrase in the context of a "last show ever" type event, my friends, and you have a collection of smoldering punks and rude boys all thinking more or less the same thing: "Wait... I thought you said this was the last show ever and now you bastards are telling me they're "reuniting" in a week?"

Craziness, my friends. Craziness.

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