The Suburban America Firefly Crisis

firefly populations are higher than ever,
they're filling niches in conversations
and laying eggs in gray matter grooves,
cranial pressures are critical so
the buggers slip out of gaps in our smiles
and escape into the silent air
like it's the end of a flyswatter

- *blink*blink*
"i brought the fire...
(that's all i've got...)"
- *blink*blink*
"sounds good
(i brought the fire too,
why's it always about you?)"

the suburbs get prettier
for the grazing beasts
as their numbers increase:
who needs TV with
a light show out back
and some good company?

but the developers never agreed,
their insights indicate that insects
are mental clutter
in need of A-frame cookie-cutters
that we can fill with gas to pass them painlessly
into drainage gutters and compost piles.
those guys couldn't be dumber, they're in denial
bugs are back like summer and bathroom tiles
bugs are back, and they're everywhere
for a million miles