Probably most famous for his role as Wash in the Fox television show Firefly, Alan Tudyk is seen by many as a rising star in Hollywood - if, by no means, a Johnny Depp, at least a recognizable celebrity.

While he had roles in Patch Adams and Wonderboys, Tudyk's first major role was the squire Wat Falhurst in the Heath Ledger vehicle A Knight's Tale. ("Pain. Lots of pain.")

Tudyk then went on to gain roles in Hearts in Atlantis and Ice Age. However, Tudyk then went on to get the role of the pilot Hoban Washburne in Joss Whedon's post-Buffy show, Firefly, a role he will reprise in the upcoming movie Serenity, slated for an April 2005 release.

With a firm fanbase in hand, Tudyk went on to star as Sonny in I, Robot alongside summer superstar Will Smith (and Smith himself referred to Tudyk as the true star of the movie). Tudyk also recently acted alongside Vince Vaugn and Ben Stiller in Dodgeball: A True Underdog Story as Steve the Pirate.

With such large roles under his belt, and the anticipated success of Serenity, Tudyk seems poised to become a significant player in Hollywood.

  • I, Robot (2004) - Sonny
  • Dodgeball: A True Underdog Story (2004) - Steve the Pirate
  • Meet Market (2004) - Danny
  • "Firefly" (2002/I) TV Series - Hoban Washburne
  • Ice Age (2002) (voice) - Saber-Toothed Tiger/Dodo/Freaky Mammal
  • Hearts in Atlantis (2001) - Monte Man
  • Knight's Tale, A (2001) - Wat Falhurst, Sir William's Squire
  • Wonder Boys (2000) - Traxler
  • 28 Days (2000) - Gerhardt
  • Patch Adams (1998) - Everton
  • 35 Miles from Normal (1997) - Trevor


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