On the national stage, the redistribution of wealth is, as the above writeups make clear, a travesty. But that, my friends, is only the start of it. It's quite a recent phenomenon, but there a signs that the international redistribution of wealth is preparing to get serious.

The international redistribution of wealth takes a number of forms. Most obvious is official international aid - money the governments of rich countries give to poorer ones. Charity, in other words, and what could be more abhorrent than that? The US gives 0.11% of its GDP a year, Europe an average of about 0.35%. For the US that comes to about about $11b a year. Split between a population of 300m, that's almost $400 each. The money could pay for 6.5m M14R semi-automatics, or 5b flags, every year, or increase the defence budget by almost 0.47%. So which is more important - protecting our persons with their precious bodily fluids, and celebrating our country, or giving our money to poor little foreigners so they can blow it on food and medicine? Admittedly things aren't quite that bad, since aid money is generally attached to national interests around the world, being used to help keep going friendly governments and as an incentive to persuade them to privatise and open up their markets to our companies, so in fact if you consider the money as an investment we probably suck more out than we pump in, but still... there's a principle at stake here, y'know?

Anyway, aid's only the most obvious problem. Here's another one - debt. You probably heard about the issue from all them liberal "protesters" and "campaigners", those commies who probably haven't done a decent day's work in their lives, and who probably haven't even ever killed a man. Well, yeah, the point is this. Them foreign countries who haven't got a clue what their doing ran up huge debts with us more financially right-on types, and as is the way with these things this means they give us money in interest repayments. They borrowed a lot, so now they're paying a lot. Makes sense, no? Well, try telling that to the pinko liberals. They'll tell you that the repayments are crippling these economies, that many poor countries are paying far more than their education budgets, more than their health budgets. Well boo-hoo-hoo, I say. That's capitalism for you, OK, live with it.

If you make an investment, you expect a return on that investment, and it's your job to try and get as much profit as you can. The whole aim is to suck'em dry. The natural way of things is for "redistribution of wealth" from the poor to the rich. But no, these people have been trying to get the debts cancelled. Just written off. And what's more, some of them have been. Admittedly, rich governments haven't caved in to quite the extent they originally said they were going to, and have in fact managed to systematically back away from the original promises and to tie what debt they are cancelling to privatisation and market opening deals again, but that doesn't alter the fact that some of these debts have just been written off. Just vanished. Imagine if your average independent loan provider did that. Someone owes you a couple of grand, but they're almost out of money, sick, and need what's left to go to hospital. So what, do you just let them off? No! You kneecap'em until they cough up, of course. Ah, it makes me sick, what our governments do in our names.

The basic point is simple. The industrial revolution was ours. We got the technology first. We won the race, they lost. We're the winners, so we deserve our rewards. They're the losers, so they deserve nothing. Those who think developing nations should be assisted with their development at cost to our own are following fundamentally flawed thinking. If you're winning a race, do you slow down to give the opposition a chance? No! You press the advantage, and try to ram them off the road every opportunity you get. Now ok, it is true as I've said that at the moment we're basically only building them up so's we can better exploit them (cheap labour in factories is worth more than cheap labour in fields), but we must be eternally vigilant against those forces which would have things otherwise. Witness the international organisations. Of course, we expect it of such fundamentally immoral institutions as the UN, but recently even the normally trust-worthy triad of the World Bank, the WTO and the IMF have been making noises to the effect that their real aim is eliminate poverty and encourage development. Sure, they haven't actually significantly changed their policies, they're still collecting debt, deflating governments, opening markets and fighting socialism in all its vile forms, but now it seems they're embarassed to admit their true intentions. This is a grave, grave turn of events. Clearly it's time for us to reassert our authority.

Let's nuke someone. Who can we nuke?