The school year has ended. Tomorrow I leave Cornell University to return to Shanghai, China. I'm packed and ready to go. I've cleared out my room and got all my possessions into boxes to be put into storage over the summer.

All my possessions, packed into a few boxes. I thought I had more stuff than that. I'm not that poor am I? The people down the hall needed at least six big boxes to pack their stuff. I only need four medium ones. I thought I owned more stuff than that. Maybe I left something behind.... Nope, all packed. All my worldly belongings, stuffed into four cardboard boxes. Stacked against the wall, the pile seems depressingly.... small.

I'm not destitute am I? Or maybe I'm just a greedy bugger. Yeah, that's probably it. I'm a materialistic son of a bitch. I want more, more. more dammit!

We're all greedy. We're all materialistic. Well, at least a significant portion of us.

Communism will not work because there will always be people who are greedy and desire more than their neighbors. Not everyone is generous and sharing. I don't like being poorer than others. I want money, and I want lots of it! And capitalism is my road to that goai. Working to success is much more certain than forced redistribution of wealth.

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