Treasure Hunt was also a television game show in the UK which ran from 1983 to 1989.

The format was simple enough, two contestants in the studio had to solve a series of cryptic clues with the aid of reference material, a map and a skyrunner. The skyrunner would be in a helicopter in a different part of the country each week. The contestants had to direct the skyrunner to a location gained from solving the first clue, where she (it was only ever one of two women) would have to find a specific item or perform a specific task as gleaned from the clue by the contestants in the studio. If the skyrunner was properly directed she would find the next clue in the hunt. The team had 45 minutes to solve five clues. If after the final clue the skyrunner finds the item hidden within it, the contestants win a cash prize.

The skyrunner was origianlly Anneka Rice who was replaced in the final season by Annabel Croft. The studio host was Kenneth Kendall. From 1985, Wincey Willis appeared as the adjudicator in the studio, giving tidbits of information to the contestants and the skyrunner.

The show used a pair of Bell JetRanger helicopters - one for the skyrunner and camera crew, and another used to relay the video and audio signals from the camera back to the studio.