I learned something today. Actually, a few things.

Or at least, I sort of learned a few things today. It was also part realization.


You call yourselves writers.
Which, I suppose, is true in the sense that you use words. But not in the sense that it gives a decent description of the type of wordsmithing that occurs around here.

So, some of you resort to calling yourselves artists.
Which, I suppose, is true in the sense that you create.
But you do so much more.

Really, you are alchemists and you are craftsmen. You dip in to the swirling abstract, the powerful ocean of intangibility, pull it in to yourself, and build something real, something firm, something here, now.

You gain skill at doing so. Mastery and personal touch.

You are magicians, and I will always see this as the reason why pens and pencils look so much like wands.

Also, I realized that I will always trust artists more than I trust psychiatrists. I would trust my sanity and my well being with any one of you long before I would trust it with any one of the “experts”.

This is because I think that people who tend to think they can use chemicals to make people better tend to think of people in chemical terms, and I learned today that a person, if they were to be melted down into their separate, individual chemicals, would be worth less than five dollars.

I have a tendency to believe that life is priceless, and that there is more to the story than the story’s parts. You alchemists, you creators have a tendency to as well.

For this, I thank you.