Tipit (pronouced Tip-ed) is a Welsh game show, shown on S4C, in which two opposing teams of three players take turns to hide a coin (the Tipit) in their hands, and the other team must guess where the tipit is hidden.

I inadvertently discovered this suprisingly addictive game show just the other day, whilst searching for Simpsons re-runs, and, whilst it isn't exactly Deal or No Deal, I did find myself taking watching it several times other the last couple of days.

From what I can discover from other sites, the game show has been running since 13 October 2006, currently on its second series and is presented by Alex Jones and Morgan Jones.

During the game, three modes of play are available;
+ Takeaway Two
+ Shakey Shakey
+ Double or Nothing.

Takeaway Two removes two hands from play, Double or Nothing doubles the amount of points scored on discovery of the tipit, and Shakey Shakey forces the opposing team to 'shake the hands still in play'.

Time Out may also be called, allowing the guessing team to leave the table for 60 seconds to discuss tactics and look at the games statistics.

Just one warning to those who watch it, the programme is presented in Welsh, so for the non-Welsh speakers, make sure your subtitles are on.

Sites I found extra infomation;

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