Remember the time we celebrated our birthdays together, and my mom came out and smashed cake on both of our faces? God, I remember how embarrased I was and how pissed you were.

Remember that time that you and I broke into that church at three in the morning and you ate one of the oranges off the tree in the courtyard, saying that God obviously wanted you to have it or he wouldn't have put it there? We were supposed to go buy cigarettes, and instead I took a random right turn while we were en route. You asked what we were doing, and I told you we were escaping the mundane.

Remember when we talked over the internet in the summer? When I was always drunk and I never saw daylight unless I stayed up til sunrise?

Remember the Free Chad movement? When we almost got expelled for that full scale rebellion and they had to lock down the cafeteria? It seems so surrealistic now.

Remember leaving for college, and claiming to be grown up but feeling like a lost little kid? When we would talk about what to do, and what the future held. When we really thought that now was the time to save the world or get the hell out of here.

You guys remember when everything was meaningful and we knew what to do with our lives?
Yeah. Neither do I.