An album by Moby released in 1997, featuring scores that were written for movies and television shows.

  1. Novio
  2. James Bond Theme (Moby's re-version)
  3. Go
  4. Ah-Ah
  5. I Like to Score
  6. Oil 1
  7. New Dawn Fades
  8. God Moving Over the Face of the Waters
  9. First Cool Hive
  10. Nash
  11. Love Theme
  12. Grace
The tracks "Novio," "I Like to Score," and "Nash" all appear in the movie Double Tap. "James Bond Theme" was created for Tomorrow Never Dies, and "Go" features elements from Laura Palmer's Theme from "Twin Peaks." The track "Ah-Ah" comes from the soundtrack for Cool World; "Oil 1" was in The Saint. The soundtrack for the movie Heat features tracks "New Dawn Fades" and "God Moving Over the Face of the Waters." "First Cool Hive" appeared in the movie Scream; "Love Theme" appeared in the movie Joe's Apartment; and "Grace" appeared in the short film Space Water Onion.

The liner notes for this album also contain two well-written and thought-provoking essays written by Moby: "One Problem With Cultural Conservatism" and "It's Hard to be Human."

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