Remember the time we celebrated our birthdays together, and my mom came out and smashed cake on both of our faces? God, I remember how embarrased I was and how pissed you were.

Remember that time that you and I broke into that church at three in the morning and you ate one of the oranges off the tree in the courtyard, saying that God obviously wanted you to have it or he wouldn't have put it there? We were supposed to go buy cigarettes, and instead I took a random right turn while we were en route. You asked what we were doing, and I told you we were escaping the mundane.

Remember when we talked over the internet in the summer? When I was always drunk and I never saw daylight unless I stayed up til sunrise?

Remember the Free Chad movement? When we almost got expelled for that full scale rebellion and they had to lock down the cafeteria? It seems so surrealistic now.

Remember leaving for college, and claiming to be grown up but feeling like a lost little kid? When we would talk about what to do, and what the future held. When we really thought that now was the time to save the world or get the hell out of here.

You guys remember when everything was meaningful and we knew what to do with our lives?
Yeah. Neither do I.

My last run in Vancouver was a good one -- farthest and fastest I've done for the 36 minutes while I've been here. Finished with the sun just brushing the sky -- a softened steel blue in the cloud breaks.

The meeting was good -- we did everything we needed to do and everyone left happy. I felt a better part of the team having insightfully contributed. As a newcomer, I was able to add a different perspective to some of the discussions and they said they appreciated that. They are all terrific guys and really welcoming so this is good. Ch_ and I had a chat afterwards, and she said she is confident that I'll do just fine and have my own niche within the group in no time.

Checked my email and answered another K_ running question. All good there. Am not looking forward to packing. I really like it here and wish I could stay. Oh well.

(...later...) I'm writing here in my beloved library. Somehow I will need to find a similar sanctuary once I'm home.

Home -- a strange term recently. I've caught myself calling my apartment home. How can I transfer such an important idea to such a transient location? Is home just wherever I am? If so, I guess I'm lucky in that respect. However, does that mean that my house containing my children and wife is simply a residence unitl I arrive, and my arrival makes it a home? I think it is less egotistical and more nuanced than that.

True, I am certainly comfortable being by myself -- I would make an excellent hermit -- but at the same time I am hollowed in part by not being with my family, my sons especially, despite the static that accompanies any recent interaction with C_. Part of me, a growing part, just wants to stay alone. Here or anywhere. I am happiest in solitude -- on the roads, in the ocean, in an apartment, a crowded sidewalk, at timberline. Finding a hint of that solitude will be the trick when I get back to Orlando.

I called V_ for his birthday and talked to J_ too. I think they miss me -- they both wanted to know when I would be home and each offered an unprompted "I love you". My home is with them, where I can be of use raising them the best way I can. My home is also with my orchids, my garden, the morning coffee, the kitchen. Solitude is necessary, but selfish.

Goodbye, my library. I hope to see you again soon. Oh I do hope so.

Finally at some Asian food -- a wondrous combo of tempura shrimp and veggies (sliced sweet potato and beans), teriyaki chicken, some combo rolls, and miso soup. Bought a beer from the corner store. Dumped trash and recyclings. Did laundry. Packed, sadly. Sadly walked down to the drug store to happily pick up three bags of Clodhoppers to which I am now horribly addicted.

To bed too late. No writing for the book today. Kicking myself although I've worked on it almost every day since I've been here.

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