it's been a little while so probably you thought i peaced out but GUESS AGAIN, necromancy is here to stay. so im sure youre wondering where ive been and i can sort of tell you but some parts are secret and can only be divulged to those within our dark order who show themselves by drawing the profane SIGIL OF ASMODEUS in the ground. it is a symbol so enfused with dread energy that looking at it makes normal people lose a bunch of spirit energy and sometimes get dizzy or just confused. (it is like a demon face inside a pentagram but kind of abstract.)

in case you didnt notice i said "our order" because i passed the summoning ritual so i am a journeyman necromancer now. i talked about it in another entry here: June 5th, 2010. i dont think i can explain exactly what happened because that is giving away the secrets of the ritual but i will say that when the appointed hour struck i opened my soul to the darkest parts of the underworld and from my third eye and eigth mouth and my hand energy portals and all of my other magical orifices flowed nothing less than the ENERGY OF DESTRUCTION. the DARK SPARK grew to a cacofanous roaring flame and even the high priest that came all the way up from Birmingham was saying "how in the world does he have such power??" so i can only think my previous attempts to get spirits to lend me their power effected the ritual.

now that i am in the order i have access to more powers but of course i have to train them. Vincent Von Androalphus (i wrote about him on June 7, 2010) can shoot lightning bolts from his hands so i wanted to do that one too. so i am practicing, but you have to start really small and use static at first. so for example i rub a balloon against a sweater and then i touch a doorknob to discharge the energy. now im not an idiot i know that is SIMPLE SCIENCE and that is a static electricity that happens. however i use dark power to channel that static discharge so it is stronger than normal. also i can hold on to the energy longer. for instance if you build up static and you dont touch the doorknob well tough shit because after a few minutes it wont shock anymore. but i can go for two hours already without touching the doorknob and then make the shock later. Vincent Von Androalphus says within a month i wont need doorknobs or sweaters at all and i can just shoot lightning like Enperor Palpatine from Star Wars.

i will keep you all updated as the epic unfolds. for the record, you can try the spark training at home yourself. its pretty safe until you start getting bigger sparks and by then youll know its time to seek a professionals advice. until next time.