For those, typically Protestant fundamentalists, that find complex thought too difficult. Also known as the dumbed-down version of the Bible, perfect for uneducated preachers like Billy Graham.

Zondervan Publishing House has it listed with a reading level of 6.0. For comparison, the KJV is a difficult 12.0, the Updated NASB is 11.0, and even the NAB (the Catholic version) is 6.6.

At the time of it's publication (1966), it was the lowest level version that was aimed for adults. However, not to be outdone, there are now two more, the CEV (1995) at 5.4, and The Message (1993) (containing the NT and additional "Old Testament wisdom") at 4.8. The NLV (1996) does manage a hefty 6.3.

The theme here is that these translations, so adored by fundamentalists, remove the complex language that has made the Bible worth studying all these years, and therefore reduce the ways the Bible can be interpreted (short circuiting hundreds of years of Biblical research in the process). Which of course is the fundamentalist point: "There is one and only one interpretation, ours, and we will convert that interpretation into today's (simplified) language to preclude anyone from coming up with a different interpretation that might question our views."