You know those awful Precious Moments figurines? They have their own Bible. I first encountered it a few years ago when a particularly saccharin aunt gave it to one of my younger sisters as a Christmas present.

Pearly-white pleather binding, special prayers for children, and best of all full-colour Precious Moments® illustrations of selected scenes (e.g. "The Lord is My Shepherd" with a teardrop eyed little boy surrounded by teardrop eyed sheep).

Although the book does contain the full New King James Version text, I noticed the illustrations were quite selective. I pointed this out to some friends and we spent a hilarious day coming up with illustrations we'd like to add: A little dew-eyed boy nailed to a cross, Noah's sons finding him naked and drunk, the bit in the book of Lamentations where the people boil their children, and the entire Book of Revelation.

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