While Cow of Doom was breaking up with his girlfriend, and Ryouga was running around school campus laughing like a mad man, my girlfriend was watching me vomit in a bowl.

I missed the fair. (September 20th - Septermber 22nd)
I have been sick with what was most likely the stomach flu, but as the symptoms of the flu and the ebola virus are very similar for the first day or so your kinda left sitting in paranoia and vomit that first day. During the weekend I was left alone while everyone else went to the fair (how... cliche) so I tried E2 but couldn't concentrate tried sleep but that didn't work either and tried drugs and waddya know they worked like a charm (drugs are so much more effective when not used regularly).

Round One... FIGHT! (September 22nd 2:00pm - 4:00pm)

Anyways, on Sunday my girlfriend came over to give me some "support" so after an hour of watching me puke in a bowl, which was kind of odd for both of us (I could see my self watching my self puking in a bowl, the same bowl that I use to stir up cookie dough and cake mix in...) after which she walks to my bathroom, grabs my toothbrush with some paste on it and brings and back and tells me to brush my teeth, (I thought she just wanted to get the flavor out of my mouth, hell if I knew she had ulterior motives...) so I brush my teeth over my vomit basin and after I'm done she lays down next to me, and takes off our cloths!! (I'M SICK!!!) And while I lack the strength to make it to the toilet for a proper puking facility, it's sex so hell if I can help my self... (she sure couldn't) so I pull it off, and ya know sex really does make you forget your sick while it's happening, but after that final stupid thrust, I collapse in exhaustion and desparatly reach for my water bottle (as if I wasn't dehydrated enough in the first place) so she grins at me and hands me my water bottle and I cuddle up with it in fetal position for a few minutes.

Round Two... FIGHT! (September 22nd 4:00pm - 5:00pm)

So shortly afterward I regain my self and eat a few crackers drink some water... THROW UP... continue said process and sit at my comp for a bit, than she says (and I quote) "Well... I've gotta go and since I'm not gonna get any more sex out of you I guess I'll go home..." at this point I'm cryin' on the inside thinking why the hell didn't she drop by before I was sick, and having trouble picking up my water bottle. But she doesn't leave, she keeps saying the same thing with a little variation for the next half hour and eventually I crack, I get all the strength I've got stand up and: "Uhhhhg take off your pants..." so after she's done with me she proceeds to cloth her self, place my water next to me grin and walk off. The moral of this story is... hell if I can think of one, tell me if you do.

Nikki Wins. (September 22nd - September 24th)