One of the major characters in Final Fantasy VII (SquareSoft, 1998). Hojo can be thought of as the indirect cause of all the evil in the FF7 world. Here is a sketch of his appearances in the game:
  • Cloud and party see Hojo wandering through the Shinra building. Not much of his identity is revealed.
  • The party meets him face to face in attempting to rescue Aeris. A new party member, Red 13 is discovered. Red 13 was subjected to many experiments at the hands of Hojo.
  • Hojo can be found next at Junon beach, but it is not a necessary finding. He talks to Cloud somewhat here.
  • After this point, Hojo is mostly a character remembered from the past. There are several FMV sequences at Niebelheim, and some at Vincent's waterfall.
  • The last time the party meets Hojo is to fight him. He is attempting to fire a shot from the Sister Ray at Sephiroth. At this point, the party learns how deeply Hojo is connected to Sephiroth and the Genova project. The energy for a shot from the Sister Ray is at about 83% when the party finally fights him. This is the last necessary boss fight for the party before they attempt to go for Sephiroth directly.
Source: over 300 hours of playing the game on my PC.