There have thus been two incarnations of Mario Kart. The first was for the SNES and the second for the N64.

They had a great number of features in common including:
- Use of popular Nintendo characters
-A cartoony theme
-Weapons to slow down other players and speed yourself up
-Speed boosting powerslides
-Huge fun factor and replay ability.

A great many people were disappointed when the N64 reincarnation of Rainbow Road, once a skillfully designed, difficult course, was turned into an obscenely long course that was almost impossible to fall off of, thus requiring next to no skill. Other changes made to the N64 version were wider tracks and the all-mighty four player mode.

It was the N64 version that I probably have the most experience with. This is mostly in part due to my former girlfriend that loved to play it with me. Because she did not enjoy losing we came up with an interesting method for handicapping myself. I would lay on my back and play the game viewing the screen upside down. There were also other... distractions.