An excellent game for the Sony Playstation, created by Naughty Dog, and featuring Crash Bandicoot and friends. While it shares many qualities with other cart racing games, the implementation of all parts are superb. The cast of characters, especially some of the "hidden" characters, offer players a good selection to suit their individual styles of play, as well as allowing adaptation for different situations. The many levels offer a wide range of landscapes in which to play (heh, the first time someone tries to use a turbo on ice is always fun), and the many secrets and tricks keep things interesting long after many games would have gonne flat.

The true jewel in the crown of this game, however, is the four-player battle mode. Although it requires an adapter for four to play at once, it's well worth it. A plethora of options allow each battle to be unique, and whole days can easily be wasted by trying out new combinations.

On a personal note, obviously, I love this game. I would easily rank it in my top five Playstation games. Another nice bonus of this game was that I didn't even have to get up from the couch in my friends' living room, which made it easier to recover from the previous nights' Iron Chef drinking game. Fukui-san! If you haven't tried this game, you really should. I hope you and your friends have as much spare time as we did. Happy crashing! :)

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