An Artificial Intelligence project being undertaken by a man who goes by the same name. The theory is that the human thought process is the byproduct of a neural network of modules that process the basic unit of thought: a meme. And that with enough computing power arranged in a similar fashion (like a perceptron neural network), a powerful AI entity can be created.

The explanations of the project are usually spammed to Usenet newsgroups with a lot of Latin puffery. The theories seem very basic and the person is the butt of many long-running inside jokes in the various newsgroups that he spams.

My observation is that there are few technical details about actually implementing an AI entity, and all requests for such details are met with long winded rants that it's possible, is actually being done, and with modern advances in technology mankind will rise to a new level of understanding about the universe.

The person and his project are almost unilaterally dismissed as quackery by the regulars of the spammed Usenet newsgroups.

See AI-Complete to read the motivation for this, and realize that the allegations against this project are grounded in its claim to have solved the 'Strong AI Problem.'