Tom Bearden is my absolute favorite crazy person. A bona fide mad scientist. Reading the things he has written has given me a new appreciation for insane ramblings, and crazy people in general. He is the inventor of the "Motionless Electromegnetic Generator", an over-unity device which since around 2001 has been promising 500% efficiency. This claim by itself is nothing too abnormal, if not highly suspect, but it is the way in which he explains it all which really makes me want to elect this guy to some high-ranking government position far far away from here.

You see, there is a thing about eccentrics that once they've decided on something that needs to be proven to the world, absolutely everything is to be blamed on this thing. A failure to accept defeat is a sad and common thing, which is keeping anyone from taking any radical idea seriously. The radical idea we have here, of course involves Russians. In one of his books (which just happens to be the one which he made availible online), AIDS: Biological Warfare, he manages to spend about 30 to 60 of the 300 to 600 pages in the book actually talking about things related to AIDS. The book then begins talking about other fantastic technologies, and how the Russians have managed to utilize every one of them. It really is a fascinating read, if only because there is something intreguing about several hundred pages of explanation on how our global Weatherpatterns are being controlled by Hyperspace Soviets in their Time-Reversed Anti-Gravity ships. Infrequent updates from will tell you how Russian energy beams are responsible for all your latest disasters.

Have I mentioned that he's in his early 80's? He's been at this for a long time. I really think that in all of his ramblings, he might have a few bits of truth in there, so it's too bad that he's got to be so fucking nuts. After reading Bearden's work, I went in search of more, and I wonder how much better a place the world could be if these nutcases would admit that more rational explanations exist for certain things. But I can't expect these people to use any kind of subtlety to get their potential messages across, so instead I'll just tell people about my favorite crazy person in the whole world: Tom Bearden.

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