Oh... today was a pretty good day... nothing bad happened. Pretty calm, except for the suprise Frankenstein test. That was the worst just becauce I never read the book.

Oh yea.... I forgot...

Notable Notables

  • I had my favorite sub-teacher in Telecommunications III today. Mr. J, man.... is he a good guy. He's laid back and could care less what you do... as long as you stay on his good side.
  • My bud got a PIII 750Mhz laptop from Sony today. Really nice... I watched The Matrix on it in Telecom. Fun stuff.
  • Started The Chamber, good so far... but I'm only 20 pgs. in.
  • I'm in Computer Networking as I write this. HTTP Servers and IOS Image Booting today. I understand this though. Good stuff.

    Today was pretty nice... wonder about tomarrow though...