There's a space between your shoulders where your wings used to be.

Sometimes you toss and turn in your sleep at night. Other times you sleep like the dead. You never dream, but sometimes when you first wake up, in those few precious seconds, you think you remember flashes of light and the sound of singing. That was us. That was you.

You can't see the scars there, though. You never bothered to look.

There are scars of the body, scars of the mind, and scars of the spirit. Sometimes these intersect. Sometimes they melt together. Sometimes you can't tell the difference between them.

(That's why it's always so itchy, though.)

It's okay, I know you've forgotten them. I know you've forgotten us. But we're not angry. We don't blame you. Forgetting was the only way to make the pain go away.

A vague emptiness weighs down while you muddle through the gray years you've been given. But the emptiness of having something missing is better than the pain of having something lost.

I suppose it makes sense.

We are the broken things you've left behind. We are the broken things you've forgotten.

But we were hurt.

You were broken once, like us. We were shattered glass fit together in a haphazard whole. But you left and broke us all once more. You left and tried to become whole on your own, but there will always be a piece missing. There will always be pieces missing.

I was hurt.

You tried to leave us, but we will never leave you. Even now you toss and turn and try to shake us away, but we will never leave you.

We missed you.

never ever ever ever ever ever ever everevereverever-

We still do.

There's a place between your shoulders where your wings used to be. You can ignore it all you like. Forget it, if you must.

Every night when you close your eyes, there is that brief moment before you're actually asleep when you think you can hear whispering. That's us.

But we haven't forgotten you.

We wait every night for you to fall asleep. We are broken pieces and we need to be whole. We need to be whole again. We need you to be whole again.

And you'll come back to us, eventually.