Waffles are the superior alternative to pancakes, while sharing the same initial ingredients, many devaut waffle worshippers will vehemently oppose the cooked waffles similarity to any pancake. Many americans consider a waffle the round disc fit for toaster preparation. This is wrong, for Eggo(tm) waffles can never achieve true waffle goodness. WaffleHouse (the mecca of all waffle worshippers) prepares the waffles round so that they may fit the most waffle goodness onto the plate, which is round; they do not intentionally mimic the pancake. Traditionally, waffles are more of a squarish nature. The Belgians have the right idea with their waffles; they are large squares usually consisting of 9 inner squares, and provide the maximum crispness. One can compare something to the awesome glory that is the waffle by using the adjective "waffle keen"; however, if you do not wish to include waffle, simply "keen" may be substituted. A waffle is not only a thing, but a state of mind; those who are one with the waffle lead happy, interesting lives.