So today I disappointed the lady-love. I had thought that I said I'd be over in the afternoon, after spending time with my little brother and my cousins in the morning. In fact, I had promised her that I'd come over in the morning to help them wrangle Lady-Love's darling daughter. Who's almost two years old. 

I wake up at 11:30 and the first thought on my mind was "Did anyone catch the license on that truck?" I catch my phone, and find that I slept through my alarm. I check my messages, and there's a call from my beloved. I call her back: 


"Where the hell are you?"

"Mmmrsorry, baby. I overslept."

"Of course you did. Are you coming over at all?" 

"Of course! Just gimme a few hours, like I said--"

"Y'know, Zed, this is exactly like you. I can't depend on you for anything! We're going out to get shit done. Are you coming after all?" 


"See you." Click.

I get my morning stuff taken care of. My grandfather reminds me that I need to pick up my rent, plus a little extra to make up from the last, crappy paycheck. So I get in the car and drive to the nearest ATM. 

It's out of order. 

I drive to the next-nearest one. 

Long-ass line. 

I go to the next one, and it's out of order, too. I finally find one with no line or pesky sign, and take my rent out of it and rocket home, drop off the cash and zoom out onto the road. State Road 436 in Florida is a tangled mess of construction, road rage, and despair. A normally 10-15 minute trip to I-4 takes me about 30 minutes. When I finally get off the Interstate (at around 1:50 PM), the light of my life calls me again: 

"Are you actually coming!? We've got things we really need to get done, Zed! You can't just tell us that you're coming first thing in the fucking morning and not be here until two in the fucking afternoon!"

"Dear, I thought that I'd told you--"

"You didn't! Don't you dare try to worm your way out of this one! I can't depend on you for anything! We need your help, and you're...GYAAAAAAAGH!

I didn't say anything. Then I get over, and she doesn't chew me out. It would have been better if she had. That was eight hours ago, roughly. and things have simmered down. Lady-Love's friend Easy came over to help with some home improvements. Shit was done. Pizza was ingested. The two-year-old was wrangled and aside from a few minor emergencies, everything was  fine. But there's still this lingering feeling of indifference from her. Anger, I can deal with. This coldness? I don't know.

So anyway. That's my day. Started out by wrecking the girlfriend's plans, and ended it being completely ineffectual. 

Go me.