Just when you thought politics couldn't get any more confusing.

Guess who is at it again. If you thought something along the lines of "fuck this fucking harmonica," you are reading my mind space bro. We be vibe-in a something fierce right now. So, what’s new, other than all these crazy new federal laws. How’s the car, do you want to traitor her in, or you going let her run all free-range style.

So, I have been thinking about buying my new truck some big brass balls. BIG. I am then going to paint those balls as black as night. So black. I am going to name my truck Hussein afterwards because I am insane. Done-slipped-off-my-cracker insane.

I will tell you a secret, service sucks here, let’s go somewhere else. I hear there is a place just north of here and a few places a hop, skip and jump over the pond because this place has gone to the dogs. Yet, even worst, this is for the birds but I don’t think they want it, so I think the pigs took it because the elephants and donkeys wouldn’t touch it either.

How does a restaurant go to shit, you know other than the obvious, a dead dream in the tomato bisque. I will miss this experiment in culinary genius, but hopefully it will transform in this new world and for orders to be placed for guaranteed happiness in the future.

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