I have been reading many nodes on homosexuality today. Nodes about being proud of it, nodes defending it, nodes ranting about the homophobes. The disturbing issue here is that in nearly all the nodes I read, and I read at least 30, the heterosexual noders who wrote amazing nodes, I mean succinct, intelligent, well written nodes, all had to write: "I'm not a homosexual" or "I'm a heterosexual".

Why is this? Who cares what your preference is? You just finished noding that you didn't care, that you were cool with being called a faggot, a homo etc. By telling us all that you in fact are not homosexual in a homosexual node, is quite indicative of not really being okay with the whole thing. Your sexual preference was not an issue; it had no relevance to the node.

This of course pertains only to the nodes I read but! I think the magic to a well written node is to keep people wondering at least a bit, and when it comes to debates some may say that because the person was a heterosexual speaking strongly about homosexuality it may or may not have had more worth. Not so, the strength comes from not saying whether you are or not, because it does not matter. That is exactly what the node was trying to prove and that is exactly what you have proven by not saying either way.

Sexual preference has no weight in measuring a person's self worth, so why tell us you are or are not?