SHC has been investigated by chemical physicists and biophysicists in Canada in hopes of determining the cause of 6 unexplained deaths up North near the Ogyukak Island underground military testing lab. The theory goes like this: We breathe in 17% pure oxygen; if we were to breathe in 23% O2 we would actually be flammable. Every single cell in our bodies would be on the brink of an explosive reaction. This is regardless of the fact that we are composed of nearly 70% water. A single spark/flame from a cigarette would be enough to wipe us all out. This is one reason for the astonishing complexity behind our air and is the theorized reason for those 6 deaths. Deep in the caverns where these 6 scientists were working, one scientist lit up and burst into flames. His proximity to the other 5 individuals caused the same reaction. Only their bodies were torched. Upon investigation, the physicists discovered that the breathable air contained a higher proportion of O2 in certain regions of the cavern. The dead scientists unfortunately were in that region, unaware. Presently, no reasonable solution has been put forth as to why the entire room did not go up because of the increased amount of oxygen.