The Buddhist monks in Viet Nam knew how to protest. They lit themselves on fire to protest the war in their homeland...

They set the standard

Now if you're protesting, and want me to think twice about what I'm doing you need to take a page from those Buddhists. A few conflagurated Vegans might make me think twice before I bite into that t-bone.

Pro-lifers, instead of killing doctors, which, honestly isn't doing much good for your PR department, you might try a gasoline shower followed by a butane lighter enema.

If the WTO riots showed me one thing it's that the traditional forms of protest used in the US aren't doing much good. If you kill someone, trash private property and generally make a nuisance of yourself you only look like the bad guy. Setting yourself on fire, however, shows the strength of your conviction, you are willing to die, in the most brilliant way possible, for your cause. You might actually get some legislation passed.
Mr. President, Sir, you're losing voters.

"Down in the polls, am I?"

Not exactly sir.

"Popular opinion against me?"

You might say that....

"Well, what the hell is going on?"

Well sir, they are setting themselves on fire.


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