Something I've noticed in all the previous submissions to this node: no one has included a prominent listing of all the daring men who signed the Declaration of Independence. Regardless of the accusations, speculation, and controversy of what actually happened to them, we should all keep in mind that at the moment they committed their name to the document, they knew it could mean their lives were forfeit. They were basically declaring war on what some would easily argue was at the time the greatest nation on the face of the planet throughout history. The sun did not set on the United Kingdom in the 1700s. At its peak, the UK was greater than the Roman Empire ever was, and the United States of America still has not achieved equal greatness to the UK at its height of success.

These fifty-six men were taking a slingshot like the shepherd David aiming at the giant warrior Goliath, when they signed this petition. At the time they had only their own accumulated resolve, and faith in their God, that what they did that day would mean something. Their names should be remembered.

The 56 signatures on the Declaration appear in the positions indicated: