The nickname of a woman named Eve who used to keep an online diary called Dreaming Among the Jade Clouds. The website is no longer updated and Eve is no longer with us. Her website is presently still online at, but I do not know for how long.

She had a flair for the melodramatic at times, and suffered the usual angst which befell many young people at the turn of the 21st century. Perhaps she suffered less than some and blew it out of proportion more than others. This does not lessen the pain she experienced. Though attempts were made to medicate and treat her situation, the clinical depression eventually won over.

An incredible artist with a taste for earth tones and an indelible link to nature, she infused within her work the embrace of the seasons and mother nature. Her words were often soft and serene, even when filled with emotional turmoil.

Whether she truly is dead, or she merely wished to permanently remove her online persona from the cyberworld, this little Harlequin is gonna miss her. I just wish I had known sooner. I wish I could have talked some sense into her.

Good night, Gink. I'll see you eventually. Forgive me if I slap you when I do. Tell God I said hi.