There’s talk of a party on Friday night… Alicia’s parents are going away for the weekend and have told her she can have a ‘few’ friends round. I love Alicia’s parties! She always invites the ‘right’ people. I don’t mean the popular people, but I mean she invites people who go together really well. Even if you’ve never met them before you’ll be talking to a complete stranger as though you’ve known them for years at one of Alicia’s parties. There is such a difference between a good party and a bad party. A lot of the people I know judge a party on how quick everybody get wrecked. I don’t get that! Who enjoys a party when you’re puking into a plastic bag sat on the porch outside somebody house who’s name you can’t even say anymore!… Even worse are the people who judge a party on how much of the property gets destroyed. Yeah, that’s real friendly isn’t it! Goto a mate’s house, and put your ass through their ceiling because you decided it would be fun to go up to the loft! Of course these things happen at good parties, but everybody needs to be having fun… being the main point behind parties! I’m sure you all know what I mean. Everybody’s been to good parties, weird stuff usually happens, but if its good it’ll stick in our head for the right reasons. One thing we tend to do is go out for Walks at like three in the morning if it’s nice night! I don’t suggest doing this on your own, especially not in the city!

Technically this is more of a gathering (i.e. less people, and the music is a little more chilled than a full ‘when will the police turn up’ party) and Ryan has already heard about it! (I bet you were wondering how long it’d be before I mentioned him again) Anyway that is all the more reason for me to go! Even though I’m in my later teens, there is still a right, and a wrong way to tell your parents that you’re going to a party on Friday night (even though mine are pretty cool about these things). For example:

“Hey parents, Alicia’s parents are away for the weekend so she’s going to throw the party of the century and I guarantee that the guys there will be trying to score with as many drunk girls as is physically possible in one night! Don’t wait up for me!” – That might not be the best way to ask them. I usually go for an approach more like this:

“Hey Mom, Is it Ok if I go to Alicias on Friday? She’s having a bit of a get together with a few friends to watch some movies… Boys? I don’t think so why?” – See… that works much better… Ok, I know it’s kinda lame, and sucks! But sometimes you just have to play the game; it makes things much easier!

So finding out about that was the main highlight of my day! … Yeah, I know its only Monday, but what else have I got to look forward to… oh yeah, another ‘thrilling’ week of College! So now I’m off to play some PS2 before I eat.