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Mission? Drive?.... no I think you are mistaking me for someone else!
Its better to be imaginary and loved, than real and hated
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College student by day.... still trying to work out what I am at night!

I'm just trying to survive this thing that we all do called 'life' and make the most of it. I'm not your average girl... if there is such a thing. I like video games (much to the displeasure of my female friends when I go on and on about them!), especially anything heavily storylined like Resident Evil, and Metal gear solid. I'm studying typical science subjects, but I've no idea what I want to do yet! Feel free to /msg me... I'm fairly friendly!

My new philosophy on life .... ahem! ... "Yes! I'm a teenager! ... yes! I'm happy with that! ... yes! my writing proboably will get downvoted!"

Ummmm... not quite sure how I managed to get two of July 6, 2004 in my writeup listing... oh well... they are both the same!