Ok, I did promise… so here it is …

Life update!

I haven’t quite finished college for the year (Damn them for making us come back to start A2 straight after finishing As …. Don’t even get me started about that system) …. Sorry, for all you Americans this is like… ummm… I have my final year of high school next year … I think!

It’s that time of year when all the students breath a sigh of relief ‘cause their working year is over and most have at least 6 weeks to call their own. I for one am planning to do as little as possible! … I guess it’s kind of a fine art; managing to just chill, hang out with people and do basically nothing. My Social life has been quiet recently, exams have seen to that! I know all you people out there with high powered jobs say that being a student is a breeze compared with what you do but I find exams stressful, as do most of the other people in my situation (I guess the executives at Edexcel must be even more stressed though!).

Anyway, you don’t want to hear about my exams anymore than I want to talk about them… they are over now… so that’s that!

Most of the socialising has been typical exam-time stuff; Sunday afternoon revision boredom which turns into going to the cinema; going to town on a Friday after we finish just to shop or watch some guys fall on their ass trying to skateboard; or ‘study’ sessions at each other’s houses. This is usually with my closest few friends (We call ourselves the usuals … I know, how lame can you get!) which includes Alicia (We’ve become really close since the whole Ryan incident… We have a lot in common… Sometimes it’s scary!) Caz, Bekki, BB (She is always BB… never her real name!) and of course myself. We get on really well and just recently have become very tight as a group. I have other friends but I’d prefer to have a few really close friends who are there for me always than loads of crappy friends who seem to disappear the minute anything starts to go badly!

Anyway, we did something the other day which I haven’t done since I was like 14. We had a slumber party! I’m not talking about us going out in the evening and crashing at someone’s house, that happens all the time. We actually sat around in our pyjamas (I had to buy some specially for the occasion, I usually just sleep in a big T-shirt) and did each other’s makeup. It was Caz’s idea. I was at her house and we were just thumbing through the TV channels when this American kids program comes on (I don’t know what it was, but it was one of those ones that are aimed at 12 year olds giving them the false idea that being a teenager is all perfect teeth, skin and hair). Anyway in this program they were having a slumber party and Caz said that we should do that, I think I just looked at her for a few seconds like she’d just lost her damn mind! … but it happened later that week at Alicia’s place and we watched movies, had popcorn fights, did makeup (It was very heavy and dark, but it was makeup!). In the end we all had one too many margaritas and fell asleep in front of dirty dancing. My skin didn’t forgive me for days, but trust me, you’re never too old/mature for a slumber party!

Ok, I’m tired now, so I’m gong to bed. I also ache all over because I’ve started jogging in the evenings (It just looks wrong! Me in a tracksuit… *sigh*), I’m just a little concerned that all this sitting around isn’t good for me. Don’t get me wrong I’m not a fitness fanatic or anything but I think I should do something! So if you see a teenage girl stumbling along looking fairly uncomfortable and like she might be trying to jog, it could very well be me!