I am a management student. Today, my finance professor who happens to be an investment banker, was talking about the merits of outsourcing. I am amazed by the importance people attach to outsourcing. Outsourcing and contracts are the new mantra of our generation (my generation, I feel), at least to improve operational efficiency (or plainly efficiency; they teach you to use jargons wherever you can).

They say, gone are the days when a single entity could do everything. The reasons cited include increasing specialization, immense nature of the information involved in every task (reminds me of the wordings of a Unilever CEO that in the present world, you need to know everything about something and something about everything). The E2 write up on outsourcing attributes outsourcing to sacrificing quality, customer satisfaction, and/or employee morale. This may not always be the case. There have been quite a few occasions where both the outsourcing company as well as the contractor was better off. I hope that at least a few Americans (citizens of the USA, of course) will read this. I would sincerely like to know about how they feel about the customers service calls that are attended here in India (yeah, I am from the land of the kings and the elephants).

Are the customers pleased with the response that the supposedly cheap labor in India provides?

Are they able to perceive the difference in quality?

Or for that matter are the Americans able to distinguish between the trained American accent and the actual one?

Is it because they are not able to distinguish between them?

Or is it because they do not mind being answered by anyone; that they just need the answer or service, and to hell with the accent?

I started off with this write up because I have this feeling that the need for quality is being diluted day by day. I feel even love and hatred are being diluted. People seem to be satisfied with mediocrity. Personally, I do not raise my levels because I do not perceive the need to do it( Everything2 is, probably an exception, because I have never read any of my write-ups twice, except here; not even the exam papers), because I know, I can get away with it.

I write this, because I am terribly disappointed with the lack of passion amongst the people around me. They are not passionate about anything. They study just to make a million bucks. And why they make those million bucks, God( the usage is strictly metaphorical) only knows. They see each other and sleep together to support each other in their work ( what the fuck! had fucking been the lone and solid reason, I would not have cared). Probably they need reasons to have sex.

Now, you may be wondering, what outsourcing and relationships have to do with each other. I get this feeling , relationships are increasingly becoming contractual. You enter into a relationship, only if you get solid, materialistic benefits out of it ( I would not dare include physical need in the above list as I do not have problems with the nature of creation or the creation of nature ). I hate such contractual relationships to the core. But I do not say that I can live without them. Probably, I cannot. Because, I am just one among them. I hate them as much as I hate myself; I love them as much as I love myself.