The Iron Maiden Conspiracies

As we know, Iron Maiden is one of the most famous Heavy Metal bands out there today. With a huge base of fans across the world from many different walks of life, it seems only natural that there would be some conspiracy theories along the way. I write this node to inform you about the major conspiracies and rumours encircling Iron Maiden. Whether the rumours are true or false – you decide.

1. The Drumming on ‘Virtual XI. The drumming on Iron Maiden’s 11th album ‘Virtual XI’ was not done by the drummer Nicko McBrain but instead by the bassist (and founder) Steve Harris. This idea came about when a theory arose about the construction of the album. The theory goes that Steve writes the basic drumming track so Nicko has an idea about what to play. A lot of people began to comment about the finalised drumming tracks on the album not being up to Nicko’s usual standard and that Steve must have done the drumming for the album. The theorist said that there was no evidence that Nicko had done the drums, and he refused to believe he had.

The drummer Nicko McBrain reputedly said to a small group of fans attending a Drum Test before a gig that Steve did not do the drum tracks but he himself did. It was also pointed out to the theorist that even if Nicko had been sick or otherwise incapacitated and couldn't do it, they'd either have waited for him to get better, or got a studio drummer in.

2. Virtual XI Bass – Although the original post on the Iron Maiden Bulletin Boards have been lost through the sands of time. I have been able to piece together how the rumour started. Someone posted something along the lines of;

“This was from an interview in The Times today...

Jim: "Nicko, is it true you played the bass on the Virtual XI album?"

Nicko: "Yes it is, Jim.’

There, proof beyond all doubt that Nicko really played the bass on VXI! Spread the word!”
Obviously intended as a joke, this post was taken seriously by one or more of the forum members, giving birth to the rumour.

3. Fear Of The Dark Vocals. For this rumour I actually do have the post in question. Mostly because it’s the latest rumour to hit the BB


In the light of getting a new band together, RRTAT had the rare opportunity to speak to Blaze Bayley, former Wolfsbane and Iron Maiden frontman. Some very shocking things were found out in the interview!

RRTAT: "Blaze, how do feel about the complete change in your band's line-up over the last year?

Blaze: "It's not easy to cope with, having people coming and going all the time. With John Slater and Steve Wray I thought we had a stable foundation within the band after Rob Naylor left, but it wasn't to be."

RRTAT: "Did it make you think about giving your musical career a rest?"

Blaze: "Of course not! Lots of bands go through changes and come out of it even stronger. When Paul Di'Anno left Maiden, they got Bruce to replace him, and look how much the band's success soared! I hope that with the brilliant new musicians BLAZE now have, we can get back out on the road in earnest to support the new album."

RRTAT: "Talking of Maiden, have you had the time to pick up their new DVD?"

Blaze: "Not yet, but I plan to very soon. To be honest there are lots of things that even I don't know about the early days of the band!"

RRTAT: "Are you excited about the possibility of being involved in the making of a subsequent DVD release, detailing your time in Maiden?"

Blaze: "Yeah, it'll be great to be able to tell my story as the singer of the greatest band in the world. I have some old footage of some of the performances we did on The X Factor and Virtual XI shows, and more than anything I'd love the fans to be able to see what the band were like at that time. Of course, there's also the little unknown stories about my involvement with Maiden, even before Bruce announced his departure."

RRTAT: "Really? Would you feel like telling us?"

Blaze: "I think that'll lie in rest for now."

RRTAT: "Oh you think so? Well I just happen to have a contract here for a certain record and management company who'll actually promote your albums properly and let you do decent-length world tours in lots of different countries and venues... but if you're not interested..."

Blaze: "Hey, every man has his price, I'm sold! Well, not many people know that Bruce didn't actually sing all of 'Fear of the Dark'. The start, the start, the start, the start, the start... it's me!"

RRTAT: "Are you mad?"

Blaze: "I'm tough as steel!"

RRTAT: "Riiiiiiiiiiiiiiight. So Blaze, are you saying, under the oath of the sacred truth of all news and media, that you sang the quiet bit at the beginning of 'Fear of the Dark'?"

Blaze: "Yes. Yes I am."

RRTAT: "This interview's over!"


Not a lot of people know THAT!”

For those that can't be arsed to read it all: In summary it says that Blaze Bayley sung the intro to the famous Iron Maiden song 'Fear of The Dark'. Many people took this rumour seriously (including me).

4. ‘Sirensvoice’ - A person who claims to have done a lot for Iron Maiden. The most prolific claim he has made is that he wrote the lyrics to the Iron Maiden single "Wildest Dreams", he sent them to Bruce Dickinson, who claimed them as his own. He also claims to have told the band to release "Visions of the Beast" a compilation of videos - and he told Maiden to support its release with a tour. The most recent of his claims is that he told Iron Maiden to release a DVD chronicling the history of the bands early days, entitled "Early Days". I expect when they support the DVD with a tour, he will have said the tour was his idea. In light of the recent murder of 'Dimebag' Darell, I have deemed this to be a very dangerous and suspicious rumour.

5. Blaze is the Messiah. Another Rumour about vocalist Blaze Bayley. This one came about the release of his First album “Silicon Messiah”. The album featured pictures of Blaze looking a bit... well... messiahish.

6. Iron Maiden are Satanists - This rumour has been floating around ever since Iron Maiden's third album Circa 1982 'The Number Of The Beast'. They say the lyrics in the song praise Satan etc... Let me clear this one up for you - Iron Maiden are not Satanists. The song was based on a dream Steve Harris had. Thats all there is to it.

In conclusion, all of these rumours - unfounded as they may be - are all, without exception, true.