Paul was born on May 17, 1959, and was the vocalist on Iron Maiden's first two albums, Iron Maiden and Killers. He was fired in 1981 because the rest of the band though he was abusing his voice, and would not be able to sing the songs anymore.
After that, he's been in numerous bands. With Gogmagog he recorded an e.p. called I Will Be There (1985) which also had former Iron Maiden drummer Clive Burr on drums. With his own band Di'Anno he released an album with the same name in 1984.
Paul Di'Anno's Battlezone was the name of the band after that, who released Fighting Back in 1986 and Children Of Madness in 1987.
In 1990 he also recorded a live album with Praying Mantis, called Live At Last, which also featured former Iron Maiden guitarist Dennis Stratton.
Paul's band Killers released an album in 1992, called Murder One. After that they were touring a lot, and in 1997 they released Menace To Society
In 2000, Paul released the album Nomad.

At live concerts, the band always plays a few old Iron Maiden songs, because that is what he still is most famous for. He even contributed to an Iron Maiden tribute cd, on which he sings on four of his old songs.

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