A very ironic word, spelled as such.

If you can't grasp the irony, you're probably not English. Or dyslexic. Or something.

British English has a distinct spelling change for some words - 're' instead of 'er' in centre/center - the addition (or American subtraction, depending on which bias you look at it from) of 'u' to such words as colour/color, favourite/favorite, etc. Among one of the many spelling changes is the suffix '-ise' and 'isation' to the American '-ize' and '-ization'.

Since Americani*ation describes the Borg-like process by which Americans assimilate other cultures (I was kind of too busy decrying the ban of women workers in Afghanistan and enforcing my American superiority of McDonalds production facility area choices to really check if this fact is true.), appending a British spelling to it increases the irony. This is the one word that should at least keep the z spelling to it.

For the children's sake.