The other nodes cover what a zombie is pretty well. But where else can you find more about the lovable creatures? Well there are plenty of Zombie Movies old and new. They are a great resource for researching the habits of the common zombie, zombie eating habits, zombie mating habits, a good place to kill zombies, zombification (a.k.a. the zombie process), How to survive against zombies, or how to be zombified.

There are also many books that contain info about zombies. Like Green Eyes by Lucius Shepard, The Dead by Michael Swanwick, and the Anita Blake series by Laural K. Hamilton (Anita is an animator and necromancer besides being a Vampire Hunter)

Everybody loves Zombies! Zombies are buff! Even The Son of God gets into the act with Jesus Wants Me For a Zombie, Sweet creeping zombie Jesus, and Sweet zombie Jesus!. Invite The Zombies to play your next party. And don't forget about a Zombie's Best Friend.

Has your neighbor become Some Kind of Zombie? Did you upset the Zombie King? Do you have a zombie infestation or a Zombie Mob? Read HOWTO: Kill Zombies or try out new and improved Zombie Paper. Kill all you want Zombie Inc. is ready, new zombies have been animated to replace the old and we got raw material because more humans have been spewed out of the random people generator.

The Incredibly Strange Creatures Who Stopped Living and Became Mixed-Up Zombies can get the blood pumping but those crazy mixed up kids who stopped living and became zombies are a real scream.

Just be careful when you use the word zombie because calling people "mindless zombies" does not an argument make. All this and I still don't know what a zombied stutter is or what Invasion de los Zombies Atomicos is about.

Yesterday I found a green zombie mixed in with my black zombies. I hope this isn't an indication that thre is a New Breed of Attack Zombies Lurking. Worse yet, a race of redneck zombies. Blech! I'd much rather have some cool upbeat zombies. Maybe one of the keepers at the Zombie Zoo can help me out. I'd hate to have to go all the way to the Zombie College to talk to the Zombie Master. If I could only figure out how to create my own exploding zombies then I could stop wasting money in the zombie lotto

My sister was seduced by an Urban Zombie. She eventually married this filthy zombie and now attends Zombie Jamborees as a part of the Zombie Nation.

Poor Bill & Ted they died and became sleep-crazed zombies. Still two of the more popular zombies though. More popular than Romero Zombies or the Ded Bob Zombies. And nobody has heard of Gravebane Zombie or I, Zombie. Along this same note, you might be surpised to learn that Rob Zombie is not really a zombie and I believe no zombies were harmed in the production of a White Zombie album.

Stuff to add:

A Zombified Meta Node